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Hôtel Beaugency *** Located between the Esplanade des Invalides and the Eiffel Tower


So here you are in Paris, and spring has truly sprung at the foot of the sun-kissed promenade of the Invalides and the Eiffel Tower. Settled at the hotel Beaugency, you are right in the heart of the city. So what if you started your trip with an authentically Parisian gesture? That is, what about a coffee, a terrace, and why not a rooftop?

They’re as much a part of life in Paris as the Grands Magasins du Louvre. Café terraces are the places where those in the know go to quench their thirst, get a bite to eat, flirt, watch the spectacle that is life and other people. Better off choosing a charming spot, then…

The search for cool. We recommend stopping for a drink at the Terrasse des Climats, for instance. Here, a leafy porch invites you to refreshing drinks and delicious cuisine. Why not then climb onto one of the rooftops of Paris to get a little closer to the sun? A good spot, for example, is the Wanderlust rooftop at 32 Quai d’Austerlitz, overlooking the whole of Paris from an effortlessly cool spot.

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Do you really think you know everything about Paris? Well, have you experienced an evening of live entertainment on the Seine? How about on board the Batofar, for example, a former lightship converted into a café and live venue? This is where the trendy and the night-time come together, with the soul resonating to the sounds of energetic rhythms or Chopin-composed trills. When you stay at the Beaugency the Seine is ready to welcome you as well!
Forget about the problems of landlubbers and get on board for new adventures. That is what the Batofar, a floating social venue and haven of music and poetry, provides through to the early hours. To the rhythm of lapping waves, but with a pulsing beat or notes of classical music too, the Batofar awaits you for your evenings out.
Gastronomy, music and a panoramic view. Would you enjoy a rack of lamb with a herb crust accompanied by a polenta and parmesan palet, the venue's gastronomic specialty? Or do you enjoy evenings of electro music, or classical even, with DJs and musicians? No matter what your preferences, you will savor the fantastic views of the French capital to be had.

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This is where you take your first steps into the contemporary art world!  The musée de Tokyo, located in Paris's very chic 16th arrondissement, is a fantastic, antagonistic institute dedicated to the best in contemporary art. Don't miss an excellent reason to visit there during your future stay at the Hôtel Beaugency: a poetic and visionary exhibition, l’Etat du Ciel, which runs till September 7.

What awaits you here is a journey through art of the most prophetic kind! Across more than 22,000 m2 you can spot both well-known, established names as well as the latest contemporary art icons via offbeat art and installations. However, L’État du ciel is above all an exhibition that bears witness to the eye that artists, poets and philosophers cast over our contemporary world.

Responses to contemporary questions. With around 10 artistic and intellectual conceptualizations on offer, you won't have time to feel that it is all becoming routine. Above all, however, it is about reflection. As focal points: terrorism, ecological disasters, transhumanism... 


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The former train station of Orsay has become a legendary place to visit for those who appreciate the major achievements of 19th century French art. Guests staying at the Hôtel Beaugency know this well, especially with the museum located so close by.  A further reason to be amongst the local population from February 13 to June 5? The magnificent exhibition dedicated to Gustave Doré.

He is famous for the incredible illustrations he produced for books by Dante, Rabelais, Hugo and Balzac. His etchings have shown extraordinary evocative power, appearing on the pages of works by the greatest European authors. Gustave Doré (1832-1883) demonstrated, undoubtedly, and throughout the 19th century, that he was a European “Master of Imagination”.


Magnificent or comical. This is something one quickly becomes aware of when wandering through this magnificent exhibition, an exhibition which has the advantage of exploring every facet of this great French artist, from drawing to painting, and from watercolor to etching and sculpture. Magnificent or comical, baroque or capricious: It is his way of constantly eliciting an emotional response from us!   

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Love letters , flowers or gifts of love. Valentine's Day is conducive to the exchange of vows and symbols. What's better than going to celebrate in one of the most romantic cities in the world ? With your valentine ( e) , (re ) discover the magical surroundings of Paris near Invalides as the Eiffel Tower !

You have promised him . A moment to yourself, unique, to see you , see you , reinvigorate your relationship, celebrate your wedding anniversary meeting . Here you had a magic idea. Ask your bags close to the Seine and its romantic banks as the legendary Eiffel Tower!
A Hotel Beaugency , discover comfort, demanding services ... and all the charm of Parisian life . Two , explore the neighborhood that has everything a real " Parisian village ", with the famous rue Cler pedestrian picturesque shops. Then in the blink of an eye , live poetry Seine and their centenary guardian : the Eiffel Tower ... Enjoy Valentine's Day and for the first time!

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