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Hotel Beaugency- Tour Eiffel


To the Foire de Paris…

You have plans, and you have dreams. Like redoing your bathroom, or installing a swimming pool or a conservatory. Or do you have a business, a creative background, and would like to meet professionals? Naturally, you intend to visit the famous Foire de Paris from 30 April to 11 May 2014. And naturally the hotel Beaugency welcomes you, a mere twenty minutes from the show on the metro.

Whether you are an exhibitor, a stallholder, a guest or simply curious, the hotel Beaugency invites you to make the most of its services to relax and unwind as much as you can while you visit the Foire de Paris. Nobody doubts it: this kind of show is a real effort. Little moments of rest become essential.

Pamper yourself before and after your visit in the different spaces: “Cultures of the World”, “Culinary Corner” or “Home”. There are so many stands, presentations, workshops, parades, concerts and shows that you are more than justified in making the most of the rest and elegance the Beaugency has to offer…

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