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Pompeii chez vous, a virtual exhibition by the Grand Palais

The "Pompeii" exhibition at the Grand Palais was unable to open its doors to the public because of the Covid-19 epidemic. Never mind! If you can't go and see "Pompeii", Pompeii will come "home", thanks to the virtual exhibition concocted by the Grand Palais and its partners.

This was to be the event of the spring: an immersive digital exhibition devoted to Pompeii. A new kind of experience designed to help you discover the fascinating ancient city in a new way. Its objective? To plunge you into the heart of Pompeii, to show you what the city was like before it was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius and what treasures remain.

But since the Grand Palais is closed, you'll have to wait. To do this, the Réunion des musées nationaux-Grand Palais, GEDEON Programmes and the Pompeii Archaeological Park have come up with the exhibition "Pompeii in your home".

A preview of the exhibition is available online at the "Pompeii" exhibition. On the programme: videos, an audio guide to listen to while viewing the images, drawings, games...

You can also browse through part of the exhibition catalogue and the INRAP (National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research) portfolio.

Don't miss the beautiful 3D reconstruction of the "house in the garden". And have fun welcoming a special guest in your living room. Thanks to your smartphone and augmented reality, the statue of Livia will materialize before your eyes! Bluffing.

At last, the youngest are not forgotten. Several contents are designed for them, to play and learn at the same time!

Pompeii gives you some of its mysteries and treasures on the site:

(photo credit: Reconstruction of the rue pompéienne © GEDEON Programmes)


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