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Van Gogh illuminates the Atelier des Lumières

Van Gogh, a prolific genius capable of painting more than 2,000 paintings in ten years, is the guest of honour of the Atelier des Lumières for this year 2019. A visual and sound creation, the Van Gogh exhibition, La Nuit étoilée, will make visitors' eyes shine again until December 31. Hotel Beaugency begs you to do so: don't miss this poetic and graphic journey, a glittering nugget in the grayness of the Parisian winter.
L'Atelier des Lumières is a newcomer to the Parisian cultural and artistic world. But he quickly made a place for himself! Opened only one year ago, this atypical place attracts crowds and savours its success. Don't you know it? Run for it! You already know it? Run there again!
A quick reminder: Atelier des Lumières is a digital art centre created in the premises of a former foundry. It offers immersive experiences to discover masterpieces of pictorial art.
In concrete terms, you will first push a heavy door before finding yourself in a vast room plunged into darkness. On the floor, on the walls, images of paintings are projected, as well as photos. They come alive to the rhythm of the music, followed by a ballet that very quickly captivates.
People are nonchalantly sitting on the floor, others leaning against the mezzanine railing. Little ones run in all directions trying to catch the moving spots of colours and lights. Certainly magic works. Until 31 December, you can admire Van Gogh's paintings here, along a thematic tour retracing the different stages of his life.
The session is completed by the dreamed Japan short program, images of a floating world.
Find all the information on the Atelier des Lumières website: www.culturespaces.com
Credit: www.atelier-lumieres.com

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